3 Ways to Avoid Dangerous Heat Stroke

TO and From Japan

It is so humid and hot during summer in Japan,
and temperature sometimes exceeds 35°C(95F).

As a result, more than 40,000 people are urgently transported to hospitals
for “heat illness” every year.

You should take enough cares before you get heat stroke/  heat illness.

This year, they even got worse…

3 Ways to Avoid Dangerous Heat Stroke

(1)Drink plenty of water and get enough salty food.

You can get a bottle of water at a convenience store or a vending machine.

And there are salty candy at a convenience store.


Salty candy
塩キャンディ /塩飴

Do you have some salty candy?




(2)Wear a hat or use a parasol

Get out of the heat and sunshine


(3)Take a break frequently

if you plan on staying outside, please go to inside frequently and take a break. Don’t forget to drink water!


Other Useful Item

You can get them at Daiso, 100 yen shop!

Folding fan
There are many kinds of folding fans.
Traditional Japanese-style patterns.
It’s good for a present, too!



Ice Packs
The pack can be stored in the home freezer and frozen for repeated use.

Make sure it has been sufficiently frozen in the freezer before use.


when you need an ambulance service

Please call “119” when you need an ambulance service!

How to call an ambulance

After receiving the 119 call, the dispatcher will ask you some questions

needed for an ambulance dispatch.

If the situation is serious, the ambulance will be dispatched before all these questions have been asked.

※ Please ask them to help you call if there are people who speak Japanese around you.

Please stay calm and answer slowly.

I need your help!

Please call an ambulance!